History of the band

In the Beginning...

Anthony and the Anamals started performing in January of 1990 with the lineup; Anthony Pfeifer on bass and lead vocals, Randy Flowers on guitar and vocals, and Tim Pfeifer on drums and vocals. They recorded Moving Emotions (their first project ever pressed on CD) which landed them a song in a Cenemax movie "Not of this Earth". They also shot their first video from that album called Screamin' {YouTube link} with guest artist Kelly Gesch who also contributed backing vocals on the CD.


In October of 1993, Darren Silkman stepped into the lead guitar and vocals position. The group recorded during the year of 1994 and released Loosen Up in 1995. This CD recieved considerable regional airplay with the ballad In Your Eyes. {YouTube link} 

Check out our YouTube channel videos with footage from Hutchinson Kansas in and around 1996 with Anthony, Tim and Darren.

The song When You're Gone was placed in the New Concorde movie "White Wolves (A Cry in the Wild II)" The Loosen Up CD, to this day, is one of the group

s facorite recordings for production, performance, and songs.


In January of 1997, Tim kept the group going by recruiting Ron Rolf on guitar and vocals, and Terry "Dad" Pfeifer on bass and vocals. Tim stayed on drums but took over the roll of lead vocals. The band altered the name a bit (without Anthony) to Timothy P. and the Anamals. The band continued performing Classic Rock songs but took on a little different form. WIth Ron and Terry "Dad's" sense of humor, the group became more light hearted telling a few jokes and just having a good time; this served us well earning us Best Band & Musicians in McCook, Nebraska's Reader Choice Award.


In February of 1998, Anthony rejoined the group. Ray Schmidtberger, at this time, filled in for  bassist Terry "Dad" Pfeifer due to knee surgery. When Anthony returned, he took the position of guitar and lead vocals, Ray on bass & vocals, and Tim on drums and lead vocals. Once again the band's name took a slight change; Tim Anthony and the Anamals began and is still going strong today--26 years later.

January 2016: the band is getting involved with social media to better communicate with our fans. To everyone out there in Kansas & Nebraska and the areas we've been performing for the last 26 year; we'll always be known as TIm Anthony & the Anamals. BUT for the world wide web--we are dropping the Anamals name. Even though we have always spelled it different, there is a group from the 60's called The Anamals (House of the rising sun-hit song.) So as not to cause any confusion for our Facebook & website, you can find us as the Tim Anthony Band.

...Check out our facebook page if you are curious where we play next. Or shoot us an email or submit a question on our contact page!      We look forward to partying with you!